For those who don't have SoapNet or access to

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For those who don't have SoapNet or access to

Postby GH ADDICT » Sun Dec 31, 2006 6:43 pm

Here is what you missed on friday's episode-

Robin returns to Patrick's with fold out furniture, boxes and an airmatress. They quibble about minor stuff, Patrick says it still don't look like home. Robin tells him to give her a chance to do her magic andd set the atomosphere.

Skye says Lorenzo and Sonny are the same. She also says she sees alot of similarities between herself and Carly. Carly says that Sonny & Lo are NOT alike and that she is at the end of the road that Skye is just begining. She wonders how long it will take Skye to realize that she can't change Lo. Lorenzo returns and reports that the limo is going again and they can leave. Skye wishes Carly luck, but Carly counters that Skye will need it more. As Skye and Lo leave the phone rings. It's Jax. The connection is bad, but Carly can make out that Jax (apparently) did not find Jerry and is continuing the search. The call is lost before Carly can ask Jax any thing else. Upset, Carly throws the phone and buries her face in her hands. She is unaware that Michael is standing on the stairs and has seen how upset she is.

Jason tells Sonny he would do whatever Liz wanted him to do, including stay away from the baby. "Really?" asks Sonny and Jason admits that he would have tried to convince Liz to marry him so he could be part of the baby's life despite the risk to the baby's life.

As Liz is explaining to new mom about the baby's transfusion, husband and best friend burst in. The husband's accucations aimied at his cheating wife and best friend hit close to home for Liz and she imagines that it is her lying in bed tring to excuse her lies/behavior to Lucky and Jason. Husband (Lucky) accuses wife of keeping quiet, not to help him, but to "hold the higher moral ground", best friend Ethan (Jason) adds that he can't believe she keep such a secret he thought that he could trust her. Ethan(Jason) claims that he wants nothing to do with wife(Liz) or the situtation and storms out. Wife (Liz) pleads with him to to leave her or baby. Liz runs out of the room and obviously upset starts to cry.

The apartment now has a cheery warm look. Folding chairs and table, a few lamps, books on the floor, nice warm fire (in the fireplace) soft romantic lighting. Patrick is impressed with Robin's domestic skills. They toast, sit on the air bed and start to kiss.

At the penthouse the food has arrived but Jason has not. Sam asks Spinelli if he thinks she would be a good mother. At first Spinelli says she shouldn't do that to her "goddess body" but he finally ends up admitting that it is obvious (even though he doesn't want to admit it) that Sam & "Stonecold" are the real deal. And when the time comes, he think Sam will be a awesome mother.

Sonny compares his & Jason lives and says that he knows Jason will be a great father because he has a lot of love to give. Jason wonders if he has the right to push his "risky" life on a child. Sonny says even with all the bad stuff in his life and all the risks and dangers his children have faced and will, HE would not give them up for anything. He tells Jason that even in the best of circumstances the parents cannot always protect their children. He advises Jason not to live his life in fear of the things he can't control. The phone rings and it is Michael, who tells Sonny that they are not having a very happy new year, can he please come over?

At Kelly's Maxi tells Lucky that she intended to go out dancing and hopefully ring in the New Year in a much happier way than it went out.

An obvious still upset Liz is driving through the snow and suddenly swerves off the road.
(comerical break)
Musical montage ending (as described in Daily update section)

Hope this helps anyone who did not get to see all of Friday's episode!

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