Sam and Liz working @ the hospital together?

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Re: Sam and Liz working @ the hospital together?

Postby jacclem » Sat Dec 30, 2006 5:46 pm

Quote Clueless:
Quote happi: when they were at the dock today did you see the way jason looked at liz, you can tell that he has feelings for her.
and jason does love liz even though he hasn't said it. he shows it by wanting to do for liz and cam...

I see Jason as more of the protective person than that he is love with Liz. You guys gotta remember that Jason/Liz has a past so to me hes just being there for her the same way he was for Carly when she was going through her stuff with AJ. Granted of course those of you who want to see Liz/Jason together are going to see what you want to see in their scene and thats ok. But remember there are two sides to everything. Here something explain to me why is you guys are ok with Jason/Liz sleeping together but not with the fact that Sam/Ric slept together. No she shouldn't have slept with her mother husband. But you guys need to look at the whole picture and not just the fact that Ric was Alexis husband. Ric played Sam like a fiddle he knew that she was hurting, she just got rejected by her mother and then the love of her life does the same thing. She was feeling worthless and unlove so at that point any man would have done it just so happen that Ric was that man. And he then proceed to play with her emotions, lets not forget that she was drinking, no thats not an excuse but it was part of the problem and I'm using it. >) So there ;) Ok back to the story, lets go to Liz/Jason one nite stand. Liz knowingly and willingly went to Jason, she was in her right mind so she pretty much knew what she was doing. At yet people seem to be condeming Sam more than Liz. Sorry guys they both cheated so for some people to refer to Sam as a ho is uncall for. Sam has slept with Sonny, Jason and Jax. Ric is not even in the equation. Liz has slept with Jason, Zander, Ric, Lucky, and then back with Jason. So I guess I just take offense when people throw around the word "ho". And I know its just a soap, but if you look at each of the ladies had relationship with these mean so to call Sam a "ho" for her relationship and not Liz just dosen't seem right. And yes Liz was married to a few of her men.

Here something else I saw the scene with Jason/Liz/Cam on the pier/dock or whatever it is, so would you please explain to me why was Liz on the dock pushing her son or a toy that could have easily roll off the pier. That did not make sense to me. OK I'm done now I know I have gone off the deep so bear with me fellow soapsters. ~)

I agree with you!!!!

I think that when Sam knows about the baby she will be upset and she is going to let Liz know what she thinks about everything. I think Liz will be more uncomfortable than Sam.
Liz comitted adultry even if she did catch Lucky and Maxie together she didn't have to have sex with Jason and Jason didn't have to have sex with Liz , he knew she was married it was still wrong for him and her, don't get me wrong I am a Jasam fan always. Sam has not lied to Jason at all but Liz has been lieing from the start. Liz is hiding behind Luckys adiction so she won't have to tell Lucky or Jason the truth about the baby. When it all comes out Liz is the one who will be hurt the most, she may loose Lucky and Jason.

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Re: Sam and Liz working @ the hospital together?

Postby Devil-or-Angel » Sat Dec 30, 2006 7:02 pm

I also wondered why Liz bought Cam to the pier to ride his toy. She had her grandmother's house/yard for that! Why bring him out to a place that is likely to be crowded and in use by lots of other people, when she could have been teaching him to ride the toy in the comfort of his own home?
Could Liz have been hoping to "run" into someone on the docks?

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Re: Sam and Liz working @ the hospital together?

Postby R.J. » Sun Dec 31, 2006 10:43 am

I really feel sad for Sam I like her much more that Liz, I never remember seeing her so much now she is a big storyline. I feel very sorry for the way she treats Lucky,I also believe that in the end Liz maybe alone.SO many lies and I think Sam has a better heart but, I dont believe Jason will have a baby with Sam I think they will break up.I really think Jason needs to chill for awhile,he has so many women after him.If Liz really cared about feelings, I dont think she would be so abrasive to Sam.I think Sam deserves better.I think they act well together I dont see Love in Jasons eyes for LIz I see just caring for an old love.I think it's great that Sam will be at GH in more ways than one.I hope she proves how strong she can be!

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Re: Sam and Liz working @ the hospital together?

Postby old timer » Mon Jan 01, 2007 11:51 am

i have a question regarding Liz why if Lucky is living at Kellys is she still with Gram didn't jason pay her rent for a year and all of her bills after lucky got hurt.why is she always broke with no where to go ?)

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Re: Sam and Liz working @ the hospital together?

Postby meg6666 » Mon Jan 01, 2007 5:16 pm

Liz and Jason are just friends even their one night stand doesnt mean they are in love with each other.Hes in love with Sam and they want to have a baby together.JASAM ROCKS!

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