Is Joss is becoming obsessed over Oscar?

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Re: Is Joss is becoming obsessed over Oscar?

Postby sillystring » Sun Oct 21, 2018 2:48 pm

Soapsme wrote:I don't think Joss is obsessed with Oscar at all, she was thrown for a loop and doesn't understand how this happened. To me she seems more confused then obsessed.

I agree 100%. As the op said, this is teen love. I know adults who can't accept being dumped with no explanation why expect a teenager too. Teens tend to over dramatize even the smallest of things so I can completely understand why Joss wants answers.

Even though it's been many many many years since I was a teenager I still remember getting my heart broken, Your first heartbreak isn't easy to get over. So no, I don't think joss is being obsessive, I think Oscar is being a jerk. He can't get over his parents keeping the truth from him so what does he do? he does the exact same thing to Joss.

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