Maxie 1, Nelle 0 LOL

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Re: Maxie 1, Nelle 0 LOL

Postby Rosesareblue » Sat Feb 24, 2018 7:58 pm

slaterlvr wrote:This girl kills me with her crocodile tears. Nelle comes at Maxie but cries when Maxie gave it right back. This wounded bird act of hers is played out. Girlfriend needs some new material. The only person who seems to be buying the poor Nelle act are Monica and Michael. I expected more from Monica considering how she can't seem to recognize a fellow schemer lol. Michael has always been a soft touch where women are concerned. Michael need to put away his tights and cape for a while...I truly hoped having a child would soften Nelle but she seems content to keep hitting her head against a brick wall.

After Sabrina died Micahel became like a wimp seriously I liked him so much when he was at odds with Sonny and Carly and he had custody of Avery and called her AJ now that's the Micahel I want back !!! After he made up with the Corinthos clan he became a wimp again ,and now with stonecold back Michael is Mickey a baby once again, I can't stand it , I sincerely hope some of these writers don't take ideas from some delusional fans who always cry and want the characters to be boring , ofcousre Nelle is going to have the upper hand Micahel is wimpy Monica I can excuse she's getting older no offense I mean the woman was at odds in the begining with Olivia and all Olivia tried to do was get along with her, Nelle won't soften up seems the writers are going darker and. Darker with her sometimes I feel bad for her because she is carrying a lot of baggage with her but she may turn out to be a killer I think she actually did murder her first fiancé I think if something happens with her pregnancy she will snap.

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