Amy needs a true love of her own.

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Re: Amy needs a true love of her own.

Postby naia » Thu Nov 23, 2017 12:01 am

KA77899 wrote:She needed to pay her bills. It's not that she is greedy. She could have held on to her $50,000, but she donated it. She has noone to ask for monetary help. She saw the opportunity to make some money and she decided to do it. The raise she wanted was only to help her pay her bills. People she wanted to expose have been very mean to her.

She did try to get the money by asking for a raise. Trying to blackmail Valentin was stupidly and reckless. I think she’s in a big financial bind. There’s no one to help her out with it and she was desperate. Not excusing her behavior, at all. I think she was boxed in a corner and her survival instincts kicked in. We know she was in a mental institution and lead a life where her own father sold her kidney. She’s definitely got some screws loose up there.

The way Maxie treated her was despicable and humiliating. By all accounts Nelle had been a great executive assistant to Nina. Nina admitted Nelle deserved a raise and if it were up to her, she would give her one. However, the uncertainty with the future of Aurora Media tied her hands, at the moment. Then Nina added providing support to Maxie to Nelle’s duties. A Maxie who treated Nelle like crap. Further, where did the funds come from to pay Maxie? I’m sure she’s getting paid handsomely. Yet there were no funds to bump up a hard working assistant’s pay. So I can understand Nelle feeling no compunction about blowing the caper in.

Anyway, it ended well as, once it went out that it had been all about raising money for a war vet’s medical expenses, sales went up and all was right with the world. ;)

That doesn't make what Nelle did right. If she was strapped for cash get a second job, take out a loan. Don't result to blackmail and childish antics cause you were called out on your BS. Yea Maxie was a snob to her get over it not everyone is going to be nice to you and honestly it wasn't that serious for Nelle to act so petty. If she wants revenge for Maxie being a snob I would hate to see how she would react to someone hitting her. I'm trying to keep in mind her past but she's making it hard for me to pull for her.

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