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Postby Clueless » Mon Nov 20, 2006 11:52 am

OK first off let me say that Fridays show was unbelievable. And I could not believe how emotional I got while watching this show. I must say that I am one of those that cry at sad movies. So go figure. Anywho, what I find odds is, lets go back to the diner. Alexis lets Kristina go back outside to play with the dog so basically she leaving her daughter unattended granted know one knew what was about to go down; but how is it that Kristina was able to wander into this building, which could not have been to far from the diner and yet know one was able to hear the shooting that was going on. As I am typing this I now realize that everyone was on the inside, just had to get that out though. Another thing I see from reading other post that Alcazar has vowed to avenge his sons death. I am sorry Al. but this one is all on your son. You told him to stay away and yet he went anyway. I also was reading about todays show and it says that Ric and Mac are going to come down hard on Sam for Diego death. Can you say self defense anyone. But I guess that dosen't apply to Sam since she is a fugtive. You know what also amazes me about this mob stroyline is that Sonny is suppose to be this bigtime mobster and yet Sonny dosen't strike out until someone strikes out at him. And the way I see Sonny isn't doing anymore than what anyone else would do when it comes to protecting his family. Granted he could do it another way but then that wouldn't be Sonny.

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Postby toorobbin » Mon Nov 20, 2006 7:44 pm

It just amazes me that we had to deal with Alexis' over-protectiveness of Kristina for so long.

That the one time Alexis gave in, well of course, we all knew this would happen.


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