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Re: New! General Hospital spoilers added daily.

Postby mrssteveburton » Sat Apr 07, 2018 6:02 am

Chococat1492 wrote:
LuvsJason2 wrote:
rochelle_1983 wrote:Even tho Jason/Elizabeth have tried being together, it was Jason that broke up/walked away from Elizabeth. Jason/Elizabeth should try again, look at how many times sleeze Carly and Sonny have tried.

Nay They seem to nervous with each other... it is not a good fit... I can see them being good friends because of Jake but nothing more.. I never liked her with Jason, I like her with other people... just not Jason, she tried to change him.. he wont change she cant except his life style.. and her with 3 kids now.. nay they wont go there.. unless it just a ONS... they are better apart.. Liz gets all weird when she is with Jason... I like her where she is now... Maybe Franco isnt the best pick but she seems to be happy... and I read on a facebook her and Roger love working together... and she is so happy in the story they are doing..... liz is better without Jason...jmo.. plus Lucky is coming back for a few episodes in may.... be nice to see him and her interact again....

I like Jonathan Jackson, but his character is so spot on as Luke Spencer’s son.i wonder if JJ will stick around for a long time. Liz and Lucky have such a terrible history. I didn’t really see Liz as betraying Lucky by being with Jason because I thought they had already broken up although they were still married, but when Liz slept with Nikolas, that was too much!! Although I do believe that they are each other’s soulmate, I’m uncertain if they need to be together again.

Lucky is the worse thing that ever happened to Liz. It was never about her and always about him and what he wanted. He was a whiny, belligerent, child. And what about all the times he cheated on her? Him sleeping with Sam was even worse imo, especially after what she did to Jake and how badly she taunted Elizabeth etc. If they are each other's soul mates, then that is depressing. She could do so much better and she sacrificed so much for him. I never want to see Lucky, the deadbeat dad, around Liz again. Franco just continues the writing trashing her and using her to redeem a horrible man that she should never be speaking to in the first place. They have no sizzle at all. Jason and Liz back after he was shot was gold (except for her talking about Lucky all the time - gag). But the writers could never get into them because Steve kept taking time off. I think now, too much has happened. I feel the same way about Sam/Jason. There is too much hurt and dysfunction and they have never been able to make it work for ever long. And recently, she hurt him so badly and didn't give a crap about his feelings at all, so I really don't want them back together. Free Jason. Put him with someone new so it's not the same redundant story over and over.

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Re: New! General Hospital spoilers added daily.

Postby Liason4Everrr » Mon Jun 25, 2018 6:52 pm

rochelle_1983 wrote:Even tho Jason/Elizabeth have tried being together, it was Jason that broke up/walked away from Elizabeth. Jason/Elizabeth should try again

I completely agree with this!

When Liason split up at the end of 2008 they were in love and neither of them wanted to break up.

The excuse written for the break up was the mob danger danger danger and Jason could not get out.

Well, fast-forward to nuJason, who had no problem at all being mob-free and goodbye danger danger danger.

So realJason should be able to just walk away from the mob danger, just like nuJason was able to do it, imo.

Enough of Friz and Jason being Carly's saviour already! Stick Cranco back together and bring on Liason!


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Re: New! General Hospital spoilers added daily.

Postby centrd » Sun Aug 12, 2018 5:17 pm

I'm annoyed that they made Alexis so clueless. If somebody's waving their arms wildly in front of your face, that's probably a reason to stop and take note, which she did not do regarding Franco.

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Re: New! General Hospital spoilers added daily.

Postby mooneyhill1 » Sun Aug 19, 2018 6:41 pm

Here's my predictions on GH for Fall 2018:

After about 6 years, Jason & Sam finally a romantic couple again, despite failed to reunite all Summer because of dramatic events, they will get a newest romantic stuff, and perhaps have him move back into her penthouse at Harborview Towers, and even eventually later this year before Christmas, they probably get married again for the 2nd time.

2 weddings will be held: 1 for Franco & Elizabeth, and another for Curtis & Jordan.

Jerry returns and teams up with Madeleine.

For Ava, she was felt after months of Griffin & Kiki's affair, she might get a new boyfriend in Robert, with Griffin & Kiki becoming the newest romantic couple for romance & hospital work.

Alexis did not know that her ex-husband, Julian just got engaged to Kim for romance, she would get a new boyfriend in a new PC male resident.

Michael was worried of something, even with Nelle in jailed, he could get a newest girlfriend in Maxie, that would make he happy again.

Drew & Margaux go on their 1st romantic dinner, since they became a romantic couple.

I hope these predictions on "General Hospital" will work this fall.

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Re: New! General Hospital spoilers added daily.

Postby mooneyhill1 » Sun Aug 19, 2018 6:43 pm

GH romantic couples to be for Fall 2018:

Sonny & Carly
Jason & Sam
Julian & Kim
Curtis & Jordan
Franco & Elizabeth
Oscar & Josslyn
Lucas & Brad
Finn & Anna
Griffin & Kiki
Kevin & Laura
Scott & Lucy
Mac & Felicia
Robert & Ava

I hope it comes right this fall on GH!!!

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Re: New! General Hospital spoilers added daily.

Postby mrssteveburton1 » Sat Sep 15, 2018 6:06 am

LuvsJason2 wrote:
rochelle_1983 wrote:I would like to see Franco and Liz break up. I would like to see Liz and Jason get back together again.

I was never a fan of Liz/Jason pairing but I don't think they will even go there, Jason and Liz's ships have sailed..
I like now that Liz has grown from being obsessed with Jason what she did in the past was so ridiculous, I like her better NOT with Jason..

They crazy thing is that Liz was never obsessed with Jason before. She always walked away and most of the time chose someone else over him, so that obsession stuff just never made any sense at all. I think most of the couples on the show ship has sailed, including Jasam who could never make it work and bored me to death, but just like they do with all the dysfunctional couples, they always tend to revisit them. Jason and Liz never got a chance to be truly together, but there is so much baggage there now and character destruction that I honestly would like to see Jason with someone new who hasn't hurt him and who he doesn't have so much repetitive baggage with and for Liz, I would love for the writers to stop trashing her year after year and giving her these emotionally stunted men that she has to redeem or baby so it's never about her and always about their needs. I'm so over it. The girl is always with some whiny man. It's mind-numbing. Free them both.

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