Power of Words

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Power of Words

Postby R.J. » Tue Nov 07, 2006 1:11 am

Patrick says I LOVE YOU! it's hard to believe but, I think that if GH in anyway ruins this couple like all the others that would be so sad.I think it would be said like that when they are fighting thats the Patrick's way.I think Robin looked so taken back and her reaction was so full of emotion thats love.I hope we see more and more of my favorite people this was a good day and it made me smile.
Sometimes, I have to remember these people are acting the way they are together blows me away.I also say when January comes we are going to see a very giving Robin who I think might sacrifice her feelings for the love she has for him because,she cares so much he may have a fight on his hands. 3) 3)

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