I think Madeline is Nathan's grandmother

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Re: I think Madeline is Nathan's grandmother

Postby JaneDoe » Thu Mar 20, 2014 1:28 pm

Quote oltllover:
Quote JaneDoe:
Quote oltllover: Donna Mills interview with tvguide.com/News/Donna-Mills-General-Hospital-Knots-Landing-Alum-1079412.aspx
pretty much confirms things(spoilerish for those who don't want to know)

Not very spoilerish.... just more confirmation of the obvious IMO. :D

What stands out the most is that this real life woman's REAL LIFE only daughter just went away to college! 8) And it's being said she's WAY too old to be Nathan's mother. ;)

maybe not so spoilerish unless anyone hasn't figured out the obvious but I play it safe. and since young Mr. Reeves was left out($$$) it kind of tells you something else about who he may be related to or not related to, if you get my meaning.

Yes, I caught that too. :D

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Re: I think Madeline is Nathan's grandmother

Postby ransomha » Thu Mar 20, 2014 1:36 pm

Quote Axl Rose: Nina being Nathan's mother makes more sense than Madeline being his mother

Sure does Axl.

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