Child endangerment?

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Child endangerment?

Postby ashuri-chan » Tue Feb 18, 2014 6:10 pm

It really peeves me that Nik doesn't have a damn clue what goes on in and around his own home. He lets other kids come over and let them roam while Heather is on the lose and on his property. And what ever happened with the guy who got stabbed? I don't remember Nik ever being told about what happened with him, Heather and Carly. I mean I know he went to the station after the park incident but after that whole situation, he doesn't seem to care.

It's like what? Midnight in PC right now, the next day and he leaves baby Ben and Spencer at the house I guess with the staff to go to Dante's place after what just happened?

Is it not bad enough what went down with Heather? What has to happen to make Nik actually be a parent and care about his kid and Ben's safety?


And I can't believe Liz wants him. Aside from the fact she is no longer getting his attention because he is with someone else, he is just another guy in her past and he needs to stay there! I betcha if Lucky were to come back, she would wonder and probably say she is still in love with him!

Liz, go forward! Not backward!

She only wanted to spill Britt's secret because she hoped Nik would dump her. Her comments were annoying and she was enjoying watching Britt squirm. I'm not defending Britt or saying I like her because I don't. She is only telling half truth anyways but Liz should have just kept her mouth shut especially since she was about to walk out and not tell them anyways and then she wants to put Britt on the spot for taking too long or not saying anything? Really? Ugh!

I'm over these characters and I'm over this story line. Sadly the whole truth about Ben isn't going to come out until around May.

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