"This BABY won't dictate what happens" WOW?

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Postby JaneDoe » Tue Feb 18, 2014 2:44 pm

Quote strangeland: I don't understand why the character needs to leave if the actor is committed elsewhere. I mean we haven't seen Tracy for weeks - I don't assume she left Luke. If the actor who plays Robin wants to go off for a few months, why not tape a few 'token' scenes and just have her be off the screen for awhile. GH has a big enough cast to accomplish that. They could say that since Robin was away for so long, she wants to focus on Emma and her home life, not work, and once in awhile pop in (cameo) at GH to pick up Patrick for lunch.

This definitely could have been written another way. I don't think it's set in stone that Robin will be returning though. She said in an interview that she'd "like" to if tptb are willing to have her, so I assume we'll see her pop up again given time. I think her outside interests will keep her away more often than not, so I partly understand why they chose to remove her character for the time being so that Patrick can move on and he won't have to wait around for her return.... if it happens. I just think they could have come up with something better that didn't make Robin look like a heartless abandon-er. :~

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Postby strawberrybutterfly » Tue Feb 18, 2014 6:32 pm

Quote sharonismygirl:
Quote oltllover:
Quote JaneDoe:
Quote Nightmoves: Regardless of what happens with Sabrina, Patrick sounded like a real a$$. That baby is his baby as far as he knows, and to dismiss it like that was cold.

As for Carlos being the father, I don't think he would have kept quiet about it once Sabrina told Patrick it was his baby. He was pretty upset when telling Julian that he wouldn't be raising the baby with Sabrina. If it was his, he would have come clean at that point IMO.

I really didn't find what Patrick said that appalling considering he was fighting to keep his wife and family intact. He agreed with Robin that the baby was important and he said he would come back to support Sabrina, but he wasn't going to let the baby dictate what happens for THEM. I think in the moment of being faced with the possibility of losing his wife AGAIN, he was panicking and was willing to say anything to keep her from leaving. I don't think that means he's dismissing his baby with Sabrina. I really feel sorry for him being SLAPPED backwards after all that's happened in the past couple of months. He thought he had his happy family back and now Robin is just taking at all away. %( I'm really not looking forward to Robin saying goodbye to Emma. %( %(

I do agree that Carlos is not the father. He would NEVER have kept quite. It would be too neat and clean if he was. Patrick also needs a story once Robin leaves. Regardless of whether Sabrina and Patrick reconnect, he can't just wait around for Robin's next return. 3)

Patrick is reacting to the fact that Robin is about to tear his "perfect little world" apart and possibly wondering why he ever believed they had a solid family life and when all of this sinks in he may realize that he had that life with sabrina all along.

I agree!..I believe after Robin walks away from her family, Patrick will realize what he gave up for Robin! Patrick and Sabrina had finished their vows and exchanged rings, and Lucy pronounced them husband and wife, before Robin showed up!.They would have went to their reception, went on their Honeymoon, came home for their first Christmas together as a family with Emma!..Then they would learned Sabrina is pregnant!...Patrick would have been very happy!

I believe when Patrick was trying to making a commintment to Sabrina, he couldn't remove his wedding ring, because he couldn't let go of Robin!..But now Robin is back, and he got his wish come true, and now the woman he loves so much is walking away from her husband, and her little girl, to find her ex-boyfriend, who may be alive!

I think all this was planned so Patrick could see what he had in Sabrina, and he will slowely remember the love they shared, and be grateful that they are having a baby together.Emma loves and adores Sabrina, and they will be a family, one that Patrick will love!

Sorry about my spelling!..My spellcheck isn't working today!


I don't give a monkeys uncle what Patty realizes he lost, it is gone,and he doesn't deserve it back. He made a choice now, live with it. Now he can sit back and watch Carlos have the day to day honor of raising his baby. Now is the time to give Sabrina a backbone. When Patty comes around with his sad tale about Robin, Sabrina needs to tell him " To go kick rocks, we can co-parent but that is it. I don't want you anymore!"

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