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Re: Elizabeth and Britt

Postby texas beauty » Wed Feb 19, 2014 2:10 pm

Quote meowbowow: Lucky slept with Sarah when he came back from the dead (played by Jacob Young). Actually, Lucky and Elizabeth had been engaged then but Lucky was also really dark because of Helena's brainwashing (although at this point he wasn't still under her control).

I'm pretty sure they had just broken up because Gia told Elizabeth that Lucky and Sarah kissed but it hadn't been long when Elizabeth found Sarah and Lucky in bed together so she reconfirms they'll "never be together" :~

So yes, they had already dated and in the long story of Lucky and Elizabeth...it counts.

Sadly some want to find anything to blame on Liz, SMH.[/quote]

of course, isn,t that is what a soap is all about, hea

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