1/30/14 live thread!

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1/30/14 live thread!

Postby ashuri-chan » Thu Jan 30, 2014 2:28 pm

Eh! I figure I do one since I'm watching and I'm hyper and there is a lot going on on the show right now that I want to post about. I'll post it all here in the form of a live thread. My first one!

Anyways! Ava was funny! Harassing Morgan with all those texts! Hello? That's it? I don't get a say?

Oh my god! You know he's young enough to be your son right? Good gracious! Awwww poor cougar though.

Spencer and Nik. Oh my goodness. He takes that laptop from Spencer and walks out and Spencer gets up and just gets the laptop again. I wanted to pull on his sleeve and be like- hey, hey! Your son has the laptop! HEY! Are you hearing me!

Goodness! His parenting just sucks!

And Heather and her little sob story. Your father leaves for another woman and you just turn against your own kids instead of trying to do right by them? Lets face it! She doesn't want a normal life with the white fence. she loves committing crimes!

Okay so the live thread is a go! Uh twenty seven minutes into the show....sorry.

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