Where is Lucy and Scott's daughter, Serena?

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Where is Lucy and Scott's daughter, Serena?

Postby Axl Rose » Thu Jan 30, 2014 7:05 am

If anything I would love to know where Lucy Coe and Scott Baldwin's daughter, Serena Baldwin is but more importantly how old Serena would be right now or how old she should be by now

Serena if by SORAS she should and or would be around the same age as Michael, Morgan, and Kiki being in that specific age group especially with the actress Carly Schroeder if she were to return in that role

As well Scott and Lucy they have always mentioned that they do share a child together but have never come out and mentioned Serena by name, I have always wondered why that is or why they never go into detail about Serena, maybe there must be a reason for that

Last I heard anyway Serena she was in Paris or we do not even know if she is still there or perhaps she is with her grandparents Lee and Gail Baldwin, I don't know but either way Serena Baldwin she needs to come back to the canvas especially since both of her parents Scott and Lucy are on canvas and not to mention her step-father Doc, Kevin he is also here and not to mention Serena has a brother, Franco, who she hasn't even met yet

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