If Patrina Reunites, Sabrina Better Not Back Off?

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Re: If Patrina Reunites, Sabrina Better Not Back Off?

Postby ransomha » Fri Jan 31, 2014 10:44 am

Quote HarrisCounty:
Quote ransomha:
Quote KillerQueen:
Quote ransomha: Sabrina and her pet Chupacabra should not settle for second best.

I didn't love the fact Patrick chose Robin but I can understand it. It wasn't her choice being kidnapped. So, I can see Paddy going back to her. BUT when Robin leaves by choice that is a different matter..it might free him to not hold on to the past, be grateful for the good of course but move on to the here and now. Frankly I think Sabrina deserves better but if she and Patrick have to reunite Patrick should have to earn it..and I mean EARN it. While I think her baby is Patrick s that not enough for them to be a couple. I think Carlos would lie down and die for Sabrina..I am getting to like them together...but IF he lied to her, all bets are off.

I just wanted to write "Chupacabra"...too funny. Emma was all excited that both Sabrina and the Chupacabra were both from Puerto Rico.

I'm done with this s/l.
For me it ended at the church and after the reunions.

A chupacabra/Sabrina recast?

I'm on board. :)

Too funny!
We could have a wild epidemic in Port Charles.

Carlos and Sabrina unknowingly brought in a chupacabra when they came here. They have now multiplied and are taking over PC. Sabrina and Emma can wear those super hero costumes as they save the town.

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Re: If Patrina Reunites, Sabrina Better Not Back Off?

Postby brunette » Fri Jan 31, 2014 10:49 am

Quote stonecoldhot:
Quote brunette: I've never seen anyone on this soap behave as decent and sselfless as Sabrina. ..I mean noone! That said, she does need to step up in the "I won't take your bull $h! T anymore" department. With idiots like Patrick, selfish Muppet s like robin and busy beavers like liz, you have to be tough or they'll use you and abuse you without a second thought. With Patrick, make him work to get you back but with robin, don't even give her the time of day. One thing is to stand up for what you want and another is to be in contact with the other chic fighting for a man that couldn't even stand up for you. Leave that to robin and her bad girls club mentality. Sabrina is by far the bigger, better and more upstanding person. With any luck km will have success and maybe we'll see less and less of robin. :)

ITA about Sabrina, Patrick doesn't deserve her, at this point I don`t even want her back with Patty,and how could he even ask her to go back to him. I`ll bet he uses the Emma card, Sabrina is by far the best thing that ever happened to Patty, and he was to stupid to see it, and I`m thinking Carlos is going to turn out to be a good guy deserving of Sabrina

I'm thinking you could be right about carlos. I've never liked him but I'm willing to change my mind.

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Re: If Patrina Reunites, Sabrina Better Not Back Off?

Postby brunette » Fri Jan 31, 2014 10:56 am

You're pushing it. Your assumptions and digs are clear towards the ethnicity of the characters. Many here don't know but you and I do. Please stop or I will go to the board admin. To the rest, please don't get involved unless you see your name...PLEASE.

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