GH Rumorville, Robin, Victor, Jason.

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Re: GH Rumorville, Robin, Victor, Jason.

Postby ransomha » Tue Jan 28, 2014 1:44 pm

Quote melirose:
Quote Bettie Davis: How does Robin leave? Lets just say Victor Cassadine has
something to do with it and he insists Robin do some work bringing back his dear departed mother and brother. She demands to know why she'd even consider his proposal and he informs Robin that the reason she's going to agree to bring his relatives back from the dead is because they're not the only people she would be helping. When she questions him, he shows her a photo of Jason. 8)

And there's goes Robin and Patrick...seriously though it's beyond Patrick...she needs to think of Emma. Although I love the idea of her helping Jason, I think she needs to stick around for her daughter.

So I'm guessing from that interview KMC did with daytime confidential that Jason is the love she leaves Port Charles for. Which then leads me to believe Jason will be back cause Robin never And I'm hoping in the far future when jason returns, they will reconnect. Sam will be too far in love with Silas and Patrick will probably be able to move on with Sabrina and their new child and Emma.

From the looks of Robin's on/off status, she is turning into her parents. And I don't think Emma will be as forgiving as Robin was when she was a child.

Or, like the children of military personal, Emma can be really proud of her mother as she anxiously awaits her return.

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Re: GH Rumorville, Robin, Victor, Jason.

Postby Insxx » Tue Jan 28, 2014 4:05 pm

Quote Lialovessoaps: It would be better if he showed her a picture of Stone.

ITA, but Jason character still have a lot of fans and he need to keep the ratings up.Whenas Stone don't have that many fans around.

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