Robin is abandoning her daughter/husband again?

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Re: Robin is abandoning her daughter/husband again?

Postby Bizlet » Wed Jan 29, 2014 11:01 am

Quote SnowStar:
Quote Bizlet: Love Robin or hate her for show like GH that has been on air going on 51 years now people have to realize characters are going to come and going to go. Some we may love and some may hate some but pre web/message board how many viewers said they would never watch another show when TG, JW, TR, FH, and GF left the first time they have returned more than once after there first left the show.
We have gotten new Carly's, Michael's and Lulu's sometimes it takes two or three before they get it right.

I love my GH with old and new characters they have brought on this year. To me why I like seeming my favorite actors on screen if the story is stupid then I won't want to watch. Right now I am loving it.

I think the show has to change with the times. If they had the same characters form the start, they would have run out of stories to tell very fast and it would have got boring very fast and would have got cancelled. They need to bring in new characters to create new story lines and new love connections to keep it interesting. I like it when they bring in new characters with connections to old characters or bring in an old character who hasn't been around for a very long time with a fresh solid story line. Another point is, they can't ignore the new younger generations (I am NOT talking about teenagers) joining the GH viewer fan base every day, the SOAPs need to be time appropriate with characters, actors and story lines so they can gain and retain the new viewers too. So basically they need to strike a balance with old characters and new to keep longtime viewers happy and to gain new viewers and keep them happy too! JMHO.

This new teen set might strike a cord with young viewers and bring a new set of viewers, but if does not work like Lucky, Liz, Emily and Nik the will go all together or be SORASed into adults.

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