I think there is still hope for Carlos

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Re: I think there is still hope for Carlos

Postby Pretty_Gorgeous31 » Sat Dec 28, 2013 1:40 pm

Quote DavidaMBurns:
Quote Pretty_Gorgeous31: I'm not talking in a romantic idea. But Carlos adds a little spice to gh. I love that accent. lol Apart of me hopes he is really some under-cover cop working his way inside the Jeromes inner circle but If not...The bad boy thing is okay...He does get brownie points for NOT RUBBING IT IN SABRINA'S FACE TODAY. Because I think the guy really does still love her. He wanted her for himself ...yes, but at the same time he was being a realist. sometimes when people are too honest, it gets taken as mean or insincere but in a weird way I feel like there is still hope for Carlos, Gh can really play around with his character.

ITA!!!! I LOVE the Carlos character and the actor is fantastic. I hope GH keeps him around and builds a major s/l around him. Good or bad!!!

Me too! I saw some speculated that Carlos isn't related to lily so maybe Sabrina will be related...hmmm ideas lol

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Re: I think there is still hope for Carlos

Postby Layngel » Sun Dec 29, 2013 3:23 pm

I like Carlos and find him sexy. Sometimes I like a change from the clean cup look. :D *)

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