All talk, no action.

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Re: All talk, no action.

Postby ransomha » Thu Dec 19, 2013 4:49 pm

Quote oltllover:
Quote ransomha: Julian just opens fire with kids in the cross fire.
This guy is such a jerk, can't wait for him to get his.

There is not one person on the show that can stand him.

Worst villain ever.

first, there was only one kid not kids, Morgan is old enough to vote and go to war so he's not a kid. second, so much for "all talk no action" Julian asked once to let carlos go and then he ACTED. third, Max put TJ in danger just as much as anyone else in the warehouse and speaking of putting the kid in danger, why the heck didn't Shawn put down his weapon, above all else his loyalty should be to TJ and if letting Carlos go is what he has to do then screw it let him go and protect the kid. just saying

19 is a KID in my world.

Most 19 year olds still live at home and can't support themselves. That's a kid TO ME.

EVERYONE hates this guy.

The ONLY person that even tolerates him is Ava,
He steps into a conversation and people get up and leave, when they aren't slamming the door in his face,

Julian USED Morgan to set up his own cousin.

As Alexis said "He started it all"

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