Carly in love with Franco???

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Re: Carly in love with Franco???

Postby Rena54 » Sun Dec 01, 2013 5:48 pm

I see some posts and I agree it is so hard for me to relate Franco with Roger Howarth. He was and will always be Todd.
But I guess they did not know what else to do with him so they gave him the character and it is just not working for me.

As for Carly I don't care who she cares about or who she sleeps with she always goes for the bad guys and she will get hurt again and this time she deserves it, and then she will cry the blues and go off the deep end again.

This is her motto: sleep with bad guy, get hurt, cry and get angry.

Carly you deserve to get hurt this time around because you should have never slept with another Todd Manning.

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Re: Carly in love with Franco???

Postby akita » Sun Dec 01, 2013 6:01 pm

Quote givemesoaps:
Quote akita: I'm Catholic so I believe in forgiveness. That said, I'm finding it difficult to see how Carly aside from forgiving has fallen for a man that did so much intentional harm to her family. As much as I can forgive and move on, I could never love or sleep with a man that was directly involved with my son getting raped. I know franco said those weren't his intentions and I realize he had a tumor but that blow would be way too much for me to overlook

My mom (may she rest in peace) always told me....when you're a mom, you're a mom first and a woman second. I agree with that.

Any thoughts? ????

ICAM, i feel the same way about luke and laura, how could she have fallen in love with luke with him being her rapist. I could never fall in love with anyone who raped me.

I totally agree about luke and laura...I've said it many times. To the poster that compared carly/franco to sonny/olivia. Your comparison is completely off. Sonny has never INTENTIONALLY hurt his kids.

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