Carlos ISN'T The Man For Sabrina, He Is A Liar!

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Carlos ISN'T The Man For Sabrina, He Is A Liar!

Postby Hyatt4Life » Thu Nov 21, 2013 10:57 am

Do you all remember the other day when Carlos told Sabrina that his job working for Julian Jerome was on the up and up? I do and he is still lying to her. He is a mafia hitman that can put Sabrina's life in danger. Which I and the rest of her fans and supporters don't want for her. Sabrina deserves a 1000 times better than Carlos Rivera. He is a mafia hitman, a liar, and a male chauvinist pig and he doesn't deserve a woman as good as Sabrina. I will elect either Britch or Maxie to be his lady because Sabrina doesn't deserve to be with someone who can get her killed. Sabrina is one of the BEST newbies on this show. She has NEVER harmed or hurt anybody. She has been the perfect fiance to Patrick and caregiver to Emma. She never sat out to hurt anyone in her life. But Britch has and so has Maxie, so they will be the perfect candidates to be Carlos' lady love and let the games begin. Just get Carlos away from my girl Sabrina and I will be so very happy. *) *) *) *)

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