I want Sandra Dee Robinson as the new Laura.

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I want Sandra Dee Robinson as the new Laura.

Postby Hyatt4Life » Sat Nov 16, 2013 3:21 am

If TPTB can't get Genie Francis back as Laura, I want to see Sandra Dee Robinson a.k.a. Sandra Ferguson to be cast as the new Laura Webber Spencer. Sandra is a great actress and she was once a temporary replacement for Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke Logan Forrester on The Bold and The Beautiful. Sandra and Emme Rylan have a resemblance to each other and I can buy them as mother and daughter. I love Genie Francis and I love her portrayal of Laura Webber Spencer, however, if she doesn't come back the show still must go on. And I will always love for Stephen Nichols to return as Stefan Cassadine as well.

When the new Laura debuts I want her to go after Mac Scorpio to get back at Felicia for her being a witch to her daughter and because of the Luke and Felicia affair. After Laura is done with Mac, I would love to see her reunited with Stefan Cassadine for the long haul.

Man Sandra Dee Robinson is a knock out, and without a doubt she will be the most beautiful woman in her age group on General Hospital. Just like Emme Rylan is the most beautiful woman in her age group. Both Sandra and Emme has gorgeous eyes and a very beautiful smile.

So to TPTB please consider bringing Sandra Dee Robinson to the show as Laura because Nikolas, Lucky, and Lulu needs their beautiful mommy now!

I would also love to see the new Laura go head to head with Britch too and I want Laura to come in and block every attempt at a nasty Brik relationship. For instance, I want Laura to constantly bring up Courtney, Emily, and Liz to Britch's face and how she favors them over her and how Nikolas should be with them instead of her. And I will love to see Laura get in Nikolas's head about how Britch isn't the one for him and he can do better and Nikolas needs to think about what is best for Spencer because Britch will definitely mistreat him just like she mistreated Emma. :) :) :) :)

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