The way gh is being written now *spoiler alert*

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The way gh is being written now *spoiler alert*

Postby Lzmom1110 » Sat Nov 16, 2013 12:47 am

I feel that a real fan of this show is writing these scripts. I have only been watching gh for 8yrs so in comparison to some of u vets I'm much the novice. So please understand my pov is 8yrs old.

As of right now gh is giving me everything I need in a soap. The depths of these characters are being explored. I feel for the last few years everything has been on one note. I hated nik and what I love about this current storyline is it changing my perception on the britch and him. it's making me notice a genuine emotion ... I just hope she is honest about her child's true parentage, if she really doesn't know.

I have always loved Maxie and am glad for her (ks) personal successes. She is giving me great acting also. I would have liked to see old lulu play this role. Marcy will always be Abby 2 me. Can't wait ya c how it all plays out with Dante.

I'm not really interested in Carly & frodd. Lol I do appreciate the actors ability. But for some reason I prefer James Franco.
I would almost have liked him to have explored a relationshp, friendship at best, between Maxie. Only as James Franco I think Todd looks to old for Maxie now.

Carly seems to needy to always want to be I'm control. I'm a lil sick of her demanding Morgan to come with her. She needs some business. Obviously the hotel is not enough for her. Give her something else to do Please writers.

Sonny is looking good.

Diane/Ava I will always see her as Diane.

Lawyer Diane looks great I see her on on other shows and commercials. I dig her.

I never really took to Alexis. I miss the old Christina. Hated their storyline but I still liked the old Taylor best. Alexis youngest daughter has always be sweet. Liked TJ since everybody hates Chris rafe :~ never took to him either.

Im loving the vets coming back. Lucy, Scott they seem crazy. Love the actress playing heather. She is certifiable.

Patrick is cool. I can't wait til i see his faces when he see robin. Patrick is great with emotion, and being cocky. Hated Lisa Niles storyline.

Would like to see Sabrina's parentage n background b explored with Carlos. And any link to port chRles

I'm pleased with gh. Well done writers. I'm anxious to see where you will take us.

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