this site is amazing....

GHers! Register and post about everything that goes on in Port Charles.
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Bettie Davis
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Re: this site is amazing....

Postby Bettie Davis » Thu Oct 24, 2013 6:36 pm

Quote ReignOfTerror:
Quote Beachforme: I think this soap site must be restricted to certain people...I never get a response to anything I post.....and I'm not harmful in anyway...guess I'm just not wanted here....peace to all...

I only respond to/and read certain threads. If the topic interests me or catches my eye in some way..OR if you are not a poster that I choose to ignore because you are being a baiter or just a jerk (attacking a poster personally).
I don't think anyone is ignoring you on purpose or to be mean....Many start threads that don't get a response at all or very few don't feel uneasy about it. Just post away and people will respond/debate/discuss. If you start a thread and I like the topic and you aren't on my ignore list ....I will respond. Welcome and happy posting! :)

Don't ignore me, even though I like Sonny. :))

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Re: this site is amazing....

Postby Peach54 » Thu Oct 24, 2013 9:39 pm

I don't always post, I go thru spells. But I only post on threads that interest me. I have never even started a thread. A lot of these ladies and guys have posted for years and really know each other. I have enjoyed posting with all of them. So keep on posting and like many have noted put an avatar up. I would suggest finding one on the net that no one else has. It just helps identify you.

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