GH Happenings ( Spoilers )

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GH Happenings ( Spoilers )

Postby Bettie Davis » Wed Oct 16, 2013 11:11 am

According to Frank Vaentini, we will see more of Liz when AJ's story starts up again. AJ will start to build himself back up again. More is revealed about Connie's death.

As previously mentioned in Rumerville, Robert ans Anna are
taken hostage. Jerry orders Robin and Nikolas to return to PC,
He wants then to extract Luke's blood so Robin can make another antidote for Jerry. He threatens to kill Robert and Anna, if Nikolas and Robin lets anyone know that Robin is alive, or if she is seen. Robin uses the GH lab in secret. Meanwhile, Faison try's to protect Anna from Dr. Obrecht, this story may end Faison.

Nikolas learns some of the Cassedine fortune funded the Swiss Clinic, including Robins captivity.

Will some one need to take a pregnancy test? ( Kiki )

Dr. Obrecht puts her Anna mask on and visits Robin.

Britt Finds Ben, Faison has him.

While looking for Jerry, Nikolas finds Robin in the lab.

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