Lulu needs her support system now!

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Lulu needs her support system now!

Postby Hyatt4Life » Thu Oct 03, 2013 10:34 pm

I would love to see Lulu's circle of trust to rally around her and support her. So we need the return of Dr. Lesley Webber, (Lulu's grandmother), Bobbie Spencer (Lulu's aunt), Laura Spencer (Lulu's mother) to unite with Tracy and Carly to be there for Lulu. She needs all the love and suppport she can get right now. I would love to see a face off between Laura and Felicia so that Laura can tell Felicia she did a swell job of raising Maxie, oh wait a minute, Felicia didn't raise Maxie after all she was so darn busy being there for her grandmother or chasing Frisco to be a mother to her daughters. Then I want to see Lulu form a friendship with Sabrina, Sabrina is a girl you can trust and she wouldn't stab Lulu in the back the way Maxie did. Lubrina sounds great to me.

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