The outcome I want for this baby SL.

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The outcome I want for this baby SL.

Postby Hyatt4Life » Thu Oct 03, 2013 5:07 pm

If Lante loses the custody battle, and Dante decides to stand against his wife and stand with Spixie, I want my girl Lulu to say to Spixie, I want every dime that I spent on your child back and I want you to pay Sonny back as well. And this is what I want her to say to Dante, you moron, hoq dare you turn your back on me. We took vows and here you stand with these idiots who have ruined my life. We're through! And after she say all of that, I want her to get Milo and the two of them travel to Wyndemere so she can ask her brother Nikolas to borrow the Cassadine jet and for her to go to China with Magic Milo and for her to file for an immediate divorce and her and Milo marry while there are in China. And when they return, she and Milo will be married with two beautiful adopted Chinese daughters in toe. In China, baby girls are plentiful to adopt because the Chinese government had issued a ban on how many children can a family have. And the limit is one child per family. And since most families prefer boys over girls, the girls are usually sent to orphaneges to be placed for an adoption. So in China, Milo and Lulu with Nikolas' help can adopt one or two baby girls if they want. And if they adopt two daughters, I would loved it if they named them Mila Laura, and Leni Caroline. This is what I want to see happened.

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