I Did Not Feel Any Sympathy For NuLulu

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Re: I Did Not Feel Any Sympathy For NuLulu

Postby cardgirl » Thu Oct 03, 2013 12:19 pm

Ok now I feel like I AM getting D.I.D.! I keep changing my mind about what I think about this baby situation. I continue to not have sympathy for Nululu, because her reaction was NOT Lulu and even Dante was reacting in away that made me feel very little for him, and I will admit that I am all about Spixie...love them together. Let be clear I like them TOGETHER because together they make their separate characters less annoying to me. However, I have rewatched yesterday's show and I am still unmoved by Lulu but now I am kind of mad at Maxie even more.

I listened today as she talked about Connie and the how they could or should keep Connie. At times I thought Maxie could have been talking about a shoe like when she said "can we keep this or it." Rarely did she refer to Connie as her child or daughter while that is the only way Spin referred to her. Perhaps it was her resolve that she wanted Lante to have a baby even if it had to be her own child she would give them her child. I think it did not occur to her that Lante would not want to raise a child that was not theirs. And really I think in true Maxie fashion it did not occur to her that the lie would eventually come out One of the reasons I can't tolerate Maxie on her own sometimes...she is very dense and selfish.

But at the same time I love Maxie BECAUSE she knows she is selfish. And I like Spinelli because he loved her in spite of that. He actually was able to see things in her that she does not see and even though they are not a couple he continues to be her biggest cheerleader.

This whole situation is hard...I want Spixie to raise their child because I think the want to give the child something they did not have...parents who were present in their lives. No matter when your parent abandons you...at four or fourteen, it's hard to know that you are NOT their priority. I think Spin and Maxie will most definitely give Connie that. Parents that are always present in their baby's life and that baby is their priority.

But so can Lulu and Dante. Lulu had an absent father and mother, so she was in the same boat, so she would want to give a child a stable home also. She really wanted to be a mom and Dante wanted to be a dad because he never had one growing up. So, why should they NOT get to keep the baby? Clearly, biology does not matter to Lulu.

And Maxie never planned on being a mother, and was willing to give Lulu HER baby so she would be happy? But I think now that she carried the baby, she does love her and does want her. This is HER and SPIN's child and they do want her

In the end I would like to see everyone get a child but IF their is only one to be had, it's hard for me to say who really should have her. It's not about who would be a better set of parents either, both would be good parents I think, I just think they both have good reasons why they should be the parents.

I hope this resolves soon because I hate having DID! 8) ;)

Off topic sort of, but their is a reality show called I'm Having Their Baby. It's about women who give up their babies for adoption. And one of the mother's and her husband gave their biological baby to her best friend because the friend could not have children of her own. The woman really wanted her friend to have a child so she had a baby conceived with her husband and allowed her friend to adopt the child. So it's true art can imitate life.

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Re: I Did Not Feel Any Sympathy For NuLulu

Postby ghfanfare » Thu Oct 03, 2013 1:39 pm

I never have any sympathy for Lulu. This character has always bugged me...no matter who was playing the role. She is obnoxious, spoiled, and self-righteous. :~ Dante pretty much fits those three adjectives, too. That's why they're such a great match. Maybe this baby drama will finally bust them up.

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