Homeless Britt

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Re: Homeless Britt

Postby NickyD2 » Sat Sep 21, 2013 7:26 am

Quote corazon: Why is Britt homeless. She is a doctor and I am sure she makes a decent salary. Also where was she living before she started on this Patrick storylilne? I think Nik is making a mistake taking her in.


I don't understand how is Britt homeless either. When she is suppose to be a doctor. And last I check doctors are suppose to be rich or weathly to have a house. I mean WTF! going on here GH.

Anyway, I thought it was sweet of what Nicholas is doing. He's not the type person will let a single woman or a pregnant woman or a mother's to be homeless out on the streets. Plus, I think he started to grows attach to Baby Ben abit. So he willing to do everything, he can to help Britt. After all, they are good close friends now. And he is a real Prince, So its in his jeans to be this sweet charming Prince. But he also will not be fool to take advantage of either.

And where's is Nicholas son Spencer. Another real blood line Prince Cassadine. They hadn't show Little Spencer at all much. I like Lil Spencer's.

I like the idea Nicholas spend more time with his son and taken him out to parks, picincs and movies. Now that Britt baby arrived. I would like to see lil Spencer to meet the new Baby Ben. And to spend more time with the Baby and Britt and Dad.

Spencer is a cute, sweet lil boy. Just like his dad Nik.
but still, he's also a Cassadine to, that U don't won't to double cross or mess with still. I believe once Nicholas get to know Britt abit more, that he willing buy her and her baby Ben a New house or a Big beautiful apartment. After all, the man is very rich to. I believe Britt will fall head over heels in love with Nicholas soon. Pretty much she will be like Patrick who...LOL

I was told he will draw both Nicholas & Britt more closer

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Re: Homeless Britt

Postby unlimited » Sat Sep 21, 2013 1:25 pm

Quote ChargerGirl: Did anyone else notice that in his zeal to be the protector of the unwanted, Nicholas left the Britch's purse in the hospital room? I was yelling at the tv, go back for her purse! I forgot mine in the shopping cart once and was panicing and drove like a bat out of hell back to the store. Thankfully for me the store employee taking the shopping carts back brought it to the lost and found. I was very lucky nothing was missing.

Yes, I noticed they left her purse.

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