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Re: Kiki/Star

Postby Bizlet » Sat Sep 07, 2013 9:22 am

Quote redrome:
Quote flanndreams: I agree with the comments here. It does make it confusing to keep track of who they are because your brain is seeing Starr, Todd and John but oh, wait, nope, they're new people now. I know this is all because they weren't expecting to be back on OLTL and when it was revived, their show claimed them back, but I can't get used to their new GH characters and just doesn't make sense to me.

With M.E., especially, he was John, then vampire guy Caleb came to town and people confused John with him because they looked alike, but now he's Silas, who looks like his brother Caleb...or something like that, I've lost track. :| ?) ~) LOL.

I wish the writers could've had a magic ball to see whether the revived OLTL will even make it in the long run; if not, then maybe they could've waited till John, Todd and Starr were free to return. They had started romances with some PC residents that I wanted to see more of.

I agree with you one hundred percent. It doesn't look like One Life to Live is lasting on Prospect Park or going to proceed with all the news going on. So I don't understand the reasons they wont just let GH have the original characters those actors played before returning as the new ones being written for them now. It is clear the actors did not want to go back to One Life to Live after it was gone.

It clear to me the one thing OLTL lost was its writer and that is more important than any actor or character they may have lost in the dispute. I watched all three ABC daytime shows for years, but was not as religious about following OLTL. I have watched the online versions and liked both AMC and OLTL as with anything new it is different then the old version.

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Re: Kiki/Star

Postby GHfan78 » Sat Sep 07, 2013 9:22 am

i think the idea of playing a new character was probably exciting at first for Kristen since she had played Starr for most of her life. When they first introduced Kiki, it looked like she was going to be the bad girl so she would be very different than the very good, very intelligent Starr. But now she's not so bad but lacks the intelligence of Starr. And I like her with blond hair better. :)

I defintiely like ME as John better than Silas. But it doesn't bother me too much. The whole Franco thing was IMO a huge mistake and I can't believe that whomever made that decision doesn't hugely regret it. But I don't want the characters to leave as I would watch RH do anything!!!

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Re: Kiki/Star

Postby SHAWNAGIRL » Sat Sep 07, 2013 5:19 pm

Kristen Aldersen hair color is a lighter brown and it's very pretty, she lighten it to blond before she left OLTL.

But when they changed her to KIKI they made it brunette, but recently it looks a lot darker again. I would like to see her hair go to a nice rich brown instead.

I would also love to see her play Starr once again on GH and Michael Easton come back as John McBain. I don't think that AMC/OLTL is going anywhere. Since they have came back on they really aren't as good as they were. I quit watching both of them.

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