Annoyed at Lante's situation and Brad

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Annoyed at Lante's situation and Brad

Postby melirose » Tue Sep 03, 2013 3:29 pm

I didn't see today's episode yet, but I am getting annoyed that Lulu and Dante still don't know that the baby is not theirs. Now Spinelli is just as guilty as Maxie and Ellie so right now he has no room to continue to throw stones. I'm also annoyed that it is clear that Britt's baby daddy is not brad as she just needed to throw a name. GH was doing so well with the bomb droppings. Why are they stopping now? Let's keep these story lines moving so people don't stop watching.

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Re: Annoyed at Lante's situation and Brad

Postby soapcrazy81 » Wed Sep 04, 2013 2:35 am

it is so annoying now i was so sure spenilli was going to let it out today the writers are making me wanna stop watching A.S.A.P. it kills me how everytime someone is about to say something lulu or dante interrupt and be like i know what your about to say i just want maxie and spenilli to get there baby there probably going to make the baby get sick and have to have some type of saving where they have to tell the truth beacuse lulu or dante wont beable to save the baby and its going to suck that there going to name a baby thats not even theres driving me crazy ~)

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