Instead why don't they recast AJ

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Re: Instead why don't they recast AJ

Postby Insxx » Mon Sep 02, 2013 5:33 pm

Quote Axl Rose: Because apparently from what I have heard from certain websites like soapcentral that they are planning on writing AJ out,which means SK could be gone and if he is then why don't they simply just recast AJ and keep him in town? But knowing RC and FV they are probably thinking about killing AJ off which I hope to hell that that's not the case or hell they can have AJ simply leave Port Charles and start his life over again somewhere else

Recast AJ, there is no reason.The pairing with Liz is not working but, hey make it work.I think they are going with Nicholas and Britt so whatever.

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Re: Instead why don't they recast AJ

Postby lovelymarlena » Mon Sep 02, 2013 8:25 pm

I love SK as AJ as well and I think he has done an incredible job portraying AJ with all his many character flaws from jealousy to insecurity to his valiant battle to stay sober that he eventually lost. He loves his son and wants so much to overcome his demons to prove it to him. Here in lies the problem you can never try to do anything for someone else you have to do it for yourself by yourself. SK is great at getting small gestures in his face when feeling betrayed to the slump in his massive shoulders when he knows he just became his own worst enemy.
I do like the strong silent type of character AKA Jason who is never wrong and always does what is right but there is always room in my heart for the screw ups who fight over and over again to get it right. Sean K. love your performance and I'm still pullingfor AJ to get this one right.

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