Now that Connie's gone who will Sonny's next flame

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Re: Now that Connie's gone who will Sonny's next flame

Postby Nightmoves » Thu Aug 29, 2013 9:22 am

Quote JaneDoe: As I was watching Olivia screeching like a banshee this week all I could think of was.... "why wasn't it her that got shot?" 8) I really do not like this character anymore. :(

I'm just sick that Connie is gone while I know Sonny will just move on to the next flavor (Olivia) like she never existed at all. Blech.

Hi Jane! I think there is a quota on how often Sonny's woman can get shot in a give time. Olivia was just shot a few months ago so they couldn't shoot her again this soon. However, they could have stabbed her >(

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