All the fallout when the truth comes out.

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Re: All the fallout when the truth comes out.

Postby snat07 » Thu Aug 15, 2013 2:20 pm

I don't see any way around it but I really hope the fall out between Maxie and LuLu isn't too bad. I know Maxie is wrong for all of this, but I do believe she was doing it for what she thought were the right reasons and I hope LuLu can understand that. I believe the truth will come out after the baby is born, something will be wrong...the baby will have some "condition" and will need a DNA match, which of course will not be Dante or LuLu and Maxie will have to admit her wrongdoings and her or Spinelli will be the DNA match to "save" the baby girl. Spinelli will be in shock at the turn of events, although I think it will be a little while before he knows that Ellie knew the whole time. At which point, Spinelli will kick Ellie to the curb and reunite with Maxie. Ellie will probably go mad crazy over losing her man and may end up "faking" a pregnancy to regain Spinelli's attention (since you know she conveniently changed her point of view on the whole raising a human being to satisfy Spinelli's heart's desire)

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