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Re: OH Morgan

Postby cardgirl » Thu Aug 15, 2013 12:25 pm

Quote Bizlet:
Quote JaneDoe:
Quote oltllover: Sonny has always said he doesn't want his kids involved in the business but what if Sonny sides with Michael in this Kiki thing and Morgan feels betrayed and since Kiki is a Jerome maybe he teams up with them. just a thought. :)

Ooooh.... interesting theory! That could very well happen, but I'm not sure Morgan and Kiki's relationship will survive long enough for him to team up with her family? Unless... he does it because she doesn't want anything to do with them either and she's with Michael. Now a scenario like this could help me to like them ALL more. >)

Ava does seem to like him in a motherly sort of way.

Well, if by some change of mind,Sonny allows Morgan to be in the business, this will make Michael mad because he has wanted to be on the inside to and Sonny refused. This would create all kinds of drama. Adopted child verses blood child, Morgan already played that card, it would not surprise me to see Michael do the same if Morgan is allowed to be in the business with Sonny.

I would also like to see what Carly does, and how she reacts if she sees Morgan start to look more at Ava as a mother than her. She will want to hurt Ava. I could see Morgan going to the other side though either out of his inability to recognize when he is being played, or out of anger for his father not wanting him in the business, or Morgan could just do it out of spite. There are a lot of ways this could go for him, and both families.

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