AJ chocking Connie. It's not that serious

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Re: AJ chocking Connie. It's not that serious

Postby ngirl26 » Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:49 pm

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Quote oltllover: I haven't seen anyone really saying anything about AJ choking Connie its more about AJ whining about his failed life. a man should never put his hands on a woman but your right this is a soap and this isn't about man on woman violence its about AJ blaming someone else for his problem. If Connie was a man he would have done the same thing.

I don't think so.
AJ wouldn't lay his hand on someone that could actually hit back.

While I love soapy goodness as much as the next person, some things are not entertaining, IMO.

Sam's "rape", Michael's rape, a younger woman slapping a senior, a man strangling a woman...... wouldn't want to see a pedophile s/l and many others but, to each their own.

then why do you even watch. Soaps are not wine and roses, rapes, murders, kidnappings etc. is part of the story telling no one is glorifying it. and AJ was pretty pissed I think he would have gone after a guy the same way this is not a story about violence against women its about AJ's insecurities and uncontrollable rage. Connie was just the easy excuse for him. I never said I like watching violence but I except that sometimes it is necessary for the story. you know like when sonny the mobster does his thing.

When Michael got shot in the head, I took a week off.
Watching a child in a coma and a mother's pain is not entertainment, TO ME.
Also Jake's death was not entertainment for me.

I watch because 95% of the time I like it. That's good enough odds for me.

A man choking a woman is not violence towards woman?
If Sonny was there and not Connie, there is no way on earth he would have unloaded on Sonny, grabbed his neck, even though he thought Sonny was behind Connie running the story.

By saying "it's no big deal" IS glorifying violence against woman.

We should all be appalled that AJ would dare put his hiands around Connie's neck.

I know threatening to kill your ex wife, mother of your children, is appalling. I know threatening to kill your wife, who just lost your baby is appalling. I know threatening to kill, and trying to kill, a female enemy is appalling.

All major reasons I can't stand Sonny. Doesn't matter if it's man woman or child, if it's something he wants, doesn't matter the collateral damage. Oh and he is the reason the show was so violent for the last 15 years. I mean didn't we JUST see Franco get the pulp beat out of him, blood everywhere and Sonny standing there laughing about it?

Darn if I only knew where, or cared to look for, those threads.

Threats are WORDS....he didn't put his hands on Carly.

Franco was responsible for the RAPE of his son, that man got off EASY.

I agree, Yes Sonny was mad at Carly and they had WORDS he never raised his hands to her or choked her.

Please. The threat was bad enough, especially when all she did was react in the same way that she had been watching him do for years. This was the mother of his kids and she stood by him through everything that he had ever done...even more so than Olivia (who lied to him for years about his own son). If I were Carly, I would have beaten him to the punch and shot him in his left butt cheek...just for the threat...then I would have called the feds.

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