What is happening................

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What is happening................

Postby cherturn » Thu Oct 26, 2006 6:47 pm

I am dieing to know what happened today with Laura. I am still at work and can't wait to get home to watch today. Someone tell me whats going on???????? ?) ?) ?) ?) ?)

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Re: What is happening................

Postby toorobbin » Thu Oct 26, 2006 6:57 pm

Robin and Patrick gave Laura the medicine.

Nik, Lucky, and Laura coming rushing into Laura's room to tell Luke to stop.

Luke says no.

Nik starts taking out the I.V. when Luke stops him.

Luke to Nik. You could either walk out, or I'll throw you out.

Nik yells at Robin for not telling him.

After a while they decide the medicine doesn't work and the kids say good bye to her.

Luke comes back in and says good bye to Laura, when she goes.



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Re: What is happening................

Postby allie_collegegirl21 » Thu Oct 26, 2006 6:58 pm

Quote cherturn: I am dieing to know what happened today with Laura. I am still at work and can't wait to get home to watch today. Someone tell me whats going on???????? ?) ?) ?) ?) ?)


“Hang on tight angel, here we go.” Luke holds Laura's hand. Patrick nods to Robin and she injects the medicine in Laura's IV. (That almost-forgotten, Luke/Laura love music played in the background!) Robin tells Luke that if Laura is to respond, it should happen soon. We see a really cool montage of clips from Laura's life that ends with her losing her mind and being taken away.


Luke quietly talks to a still catatonic Laura. He explains about the experimental drug and the “road home to us” that she can take. He tells her that if she can hear him, try to squeeze his hand. Nothing happens, so he continues to talk to her. He reminisces about when they were on the run from Frank Smith (years ago) and they always had a secret place where they could meet if they got separated. He tells her that now, their meeting place is this little room in Port Chares. He begs her to try to find it there so that she can see Lucky, and Lulu and her mother. He tells her they are all waiting for her to find her way back.

Robin gets upset that nothing is happening with Laura, so she leaves the room and Patrick follows her. She tells him that since it's not working things might get even worse for Laura. They've just put Laura at risk for horrible side effects. Suddenly Lucky, Lulu and Nikolas have figured it out and push in to their mother's room. “What are you doing to her?” asks Lulu. Patrick explains the ramifications to Laura's children. Nikolas, when he hears that the drug could make Laura even worse, rushes over to the IV and tries to take it out.
Nikolas tells Luke that he won't allow Luke to be reckless with his mother's life. Patrick makes them all step out of the room, where they continue to fight. Nikolas reminds his siblings that Luke isn't even Laura's husband anymore – her next of kin is them, they should've had the decision to make. (Meanwhile, Laura's hand still isn't moving.)


Lucky tells everyone that his mother would want to take this chance. (He sides with Luke.) So they all go back into Laura's room to see if she's responsive yet. (The camera pans around from the back of Laura's head finally show her sweet face.) Luke gets down on his knee and talks to her. (She's staring blankly.) In the hallway, Patrick explains that if Laura wakes up, she still has to deal with the original trauma that sent her away in the first place. “So you could bring her back, only to drive her crazy again?” Lulu demanded. Luke steps out in to the hallway with them and Lulu apologizes to her dad for putting him in the position to reach out to Laura in this way.


Outside Laura's door, Robin reports that Laura is still unresponsive. And there should have been a response by now. They all agree to leave for now. Robin is crying and says it's not at all what any of them wanted. They go close to Laura to say goodbye. Nikolas tells his mother that he will bring his son to see her when he gets a little older. He cries when he says that his son is all he has left of her. Lucky's turn. He tells Laura that he wishes she could come back, but he'll find some way to accept it. (I swear, it looks like Laura can see him now.) Lulu approaches her mother and says how much she really wanted her mother back, but she's scared to hope. She's afraid if Laura comes out of it, she wouldn't want her for a daughter anymore because of the abortion. She breaks down crying and walks away. Laura blinks and moves her head, but no one sees.


“So much for the miracle of modern medicine” Luke says outsides of Laura's room. Robin apologizes for creating false hope. Patrick says he wishes he hadn't been right. Robin and Patrick leave the family outside of Laura's door and walk away. Robin tells him that she honestly thought that LS 49 would work. “It still could,” says Patrick.

Luke quietly talks to the love of his life. “I hope you're safe in there, wherever you are. I hope you're not afraid. I hope this didn't cause you any pain. I had to try to bring you back. For the kids. And for us. (A beautiful song about “being alone” is playing in the background.) We've beaten the odds so many times, you and I. But I guess this time the house wins. Our luck didn't hold.” He gets up to leave and pats her hair. He tells her he loves her and she blinks. As he leaves the door, he hears her say, “Luke”.

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