How Is Britt That Big at Only 3 Months?!

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Re: How Is Britt That Big at Only 3 Months?!

Postby sharonismygirl » Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:28 pm

Quote BringBackStarr: Look---Britt has tried with Emma...Being a step parent isn't easy...LETS NOT FORGET---Emma was the one who messed up Robins phone when she called her house begging to be rescued...Personally, I think Patrick and Britt can work things out---But I also think Granny Annie and Grampy Duke need to take Emma, so that Patrick and Britt can have a more respectful environment for their son...

You Can't Be Serious!!!...Patrick doesn't love Britt!!..He can't stand her!!...Didn't you watch Patrick's outrage when Britt came on the stage, and tried to ruin the BALL, and frightened Emma?????

Britt will be exposed eventatully, for her and her mothers plan!!...


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