Todd, Starr and John headed back to OLTL

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Re: Todd, Starr and John headed back to OLTL

Postby JaneDoe » Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:36 pm

I know this might seem way too simple and cheesy, but what I'd like for them to do (if they cannot use the "characters" from OLTL) is simply start a new day with detective Josh McMann, magazine editor Tom Mannis and his daughter Stacy Mannis who is in a relationship with Michael. :D Drop their history on OLTL (and that won't be hard to do considering they've blended into the GH fabric so well and OLTL will be back on with new actors playing their characters). They could even go so far as to drop the car accident ("Stacy" could be childless considering Starr's character would continue on OLTL) and that would end the awful incarceration of Todd, aka Tom and Johnny. With all that GH has to offer these days, it wouldn't even cause a ripple IMO. They could even do one of those voice-overs they usually do when a new actor takes over the role, like "the character of John McBain will now be referred to as Josh McMann. :-) I know this will probably never happen, but if it meant that the talented actors could stay with GH.... I'd be all for the absurd and very unrealistic change over. I really don't want to see John be a vampire in order for him to stay, nor do I want to see any of them leave or only get to "borrow" them occasionally. 8) I can't imagine the actors would want to give up a good network gig for an internet soap either. I hope they are able to stick around regardless of how it has to happen.

PS: The names I came up with were very random and definitely subject to change.... just in case anyone at GH is reading and wants to use my idea. ;) ;) :-)

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Re: Todd, Starr and John headed back to OLTL

Postby REAP » Mon Feb 04, 2013 4:31 pm

This will be interesting because they would need Todd more than Star. Todd didn't kill his brother so OTL has to tidy up that storyline.

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Re: Todd, Starr and John headed back to OLTL

Postby kitkat67 » Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:38 pm

Quote Bizlet:
Quote tessicapls: I read two articles during the weekend regarding this. The first said they all three had to go to OLTL, and their last taping for GH would be THIS Friday the 8th.

The second article I read came out later than the first, and back tracked, saying while the characters have to go, the actors don't necessarily have to go.

I'm not sure the Todd "alter" and Caleb Morley talk is entirely coincidental...

I am not either, but the statement from PP also says they are willing to share the characters whether or not means the actors would have to make an appearance IDK. In any event the actors are not going any where. I like them Mcbain, Todd and Starr, but if they have to change their names to make a go of it on GH I can live with it.
my sentiments exactly.

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