When GH announces they're recasting Jason morgan I

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Re: When GH announces they're recasting Jason morgan I

Postby cottonjenn » Tue Aug 26, 2014 5:26 pm

I always felt that SB left to work with Jill FP, who use to be GH. I think as long as she is with YR, so will SB. Just a hunch.
And I've loved each Carly (except for one who was on a short time), so the right recast can work. They proved it with Carly. Loved Sarah Brown until Tamara Braun came on and she was great. Skip the 3rd, then they brought on LW and she one me over right away. So we'll see.

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Re: When GH announces they're recasting Jason morgan I

Postby TJM0324 » Tue Aug 26, 2014 6:48 pm

Quote hayleedog: Don't be so hard on SBu for making a personal decision that benefited him and his family. Had GH made him the same offer as Y&R and was willing to work with him I'm sure the outcome would have been different or maybe he just needed a change after portraying the same character for more then 2 decades. The actor has made no promises, he hasn't lied nor has he disrespected his fans.

IF they decide to recast Jason down the road then I hope the new actor will make the role his own but according to a recent interview with FV there are no immediate plans to bring Jason back to PC.

Nicely said.

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