General Hospital 2013 Storyline Predictions

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General Hospital 2013 Storyline Predictions

Postby Axl Rose » Tue May 01, 2012 12:29 pm

If anything this is what I want to happen on GH for next year, in terms of storylines:

- Brenda Barrett ends up coming back to Port Charles with Alec and when she does, she also comes back with a new baby, a daughter and Sonny sees Brenda's daughter and Brenda tries to say how her daughter is Sonny's daughter but Sonny of course has his doubts about that because him & Brenda were not even married long enough for them to conceive a child and then Brenda of course explains how her & Sonny slept together this one night when they were married and that was when their daughter was conceived and she gave birth to their daughter while her & Alec left town, but that she didn't tell Sonny about the pregnancy at all because she wanted to protect her kids from Sonny's business, and of course Sonny is denying that he is the father and Sonny wants a DNA test to prove this and Brenda of course tells Sonny that whatever will put his mind at ease and they end up doing the DNA test and it comes back positive, Sonny is the father of Brenda's daughter but look for Sonny not to re-unite with Brenda because of how she hurt Sonny when she left him, and since Sonny has moved on with Kate, look for a Sonny, Kate, Brenda triangle for when Brenda comes back

- Carly finds love again, this time she finds it with Ned Ashton, who makes his return to Port Charles in 2013 and I would have Ned and Carly in scenes together with them talking about Jax and it bringing them closer together to the point where they can be friends and since Ned & Jax are friends, I figured why not have Carly & Ned as a couple, because I know it would drive Tracy nuts to have her oldest son Ned with Carly a woman Tracy can't stand, and with Ned back I would have him in scenes also with Jason his cousin and with Sonny too because of Carly but then Brook-Lynn making her return to Port Charles just as when her dad & Carly are begin to shack up with Brook-Lynn looking to cause trouble for Ned & Carly with her grandmother Tracy's help

- Alexis & Mac officially become a couple

- Kristina finds love again, this time with Johnny Zacchara which will only cause Sonny to go nuts to have his worst enemy hooking up with his daughter and look for Alexis to go crazy too, almost to the point where Alexis wants Sonny to make Johnny go away by doing whatever he has to do

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