Random Thoughts and/or Questions (No Spoilers)

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Re: Random Thoughts and/or Questions (No Spoilers)

Postby genhospchat » Thu Sep 22, 2016 10:15 pm

Hey there! long time no see. 8-)[/quote]

Hey JD! Nice to see a familiar "face." How are you?[/quote]

I'm great.... just wish I could say the same for GH. :cry:[/quote]

Im sorry you're not enjoying but I feel you. I only keep up online and only on certain things. I haven't watched on TV in over a year. After watching for over 35 years, that's sad. Are you enjoying anything?

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Re: Random Thoughts and/or Questions (No Spoilers)

Postby JaneDoe » Mon Sep 26, 2016 1:32 pm

RE genhospchat:

I was looking forward to the Cassadine Island story, but that fell flat. :? I was looking forward to the return of Jax.... but they only made him look like a bad guy who had something to do with Joss's kidney and then he just disappeared. :evil: I always look forward to seeing Robert Scorpio, but his return turned into him kissing Corntoes' arse. :shock:

I like Hayden and Dr. Finn and I'm glad they didn't drag out the reveal of her and Liz being sisters any longer...... but it's just not enough to make me want to watch. I am glad to hear that the charges against her are dropped.

Dante and Lulu and their baby drama bores me to tears.

Curtis is too good for Val.

Jordan is the most inept police commish in the history of the show and her relationship with Andre is a bore.

I liked Michael and Sabrina.... but they literally killed that romance. I do like that Michael still lives with the Q's and works at ELQ, but I wish they would showcase that more.

The hospital is closed from what I've read which is just too sad to watch. The place that should be the focus of the show is closed? Ugg.

There are not enough couples I'm interested in and not enough stories for me to waste my time with. I continue to read recaps and the board, but there needs to be some drastic changes to tempt me to become a regular viewer again. :(

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