Dillon Quartermaine

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Dillon Quartermaine

Postby allie_collegegirl21 » Tue Oct 03, 2006 10:43 am

Quote ex-michel: Do you mean the character played by Scott Clifton?

Scott's a cutie!!!
I know that he just got finished with a major storyline, but I wish they would give him a happier/funnier storyline to work with. Like maybe someone can hire him to direct a commercial or documentary of some event or historic location in PC. Or even get together with some of his film buddies and make a movie as a project for school. Anything that will let us see the old happy Dillon Q. (or is it Dylan?)
By the by does anybody know what is real last name is? ;)

Quote ex-michel:
Quote Honey Bun:
Yes i like Dillon i think he should be with Georgie because they are cute together. ;) I really would not like him with LuLu. I think him being dressed as nerd as Robbin said might be pretty interesting. :o Show maybe another side of him.
And by the way his last name is Clifton. :-)

I meant the character's (Dylan's) real last name. When they first arrived in PC Tracy explained that she had changed Dylan's last name to Q so that the Q's would accept him more easily.
What I don't know is who his father is/was?
Does anybody out there remember who Tracy was married to at the time?

I agree that he should be with Georgie. I really don't like him and Lulu together!

He is the son of Tracy Quartermaine and Paul Hornsby.

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Re: Dillon Quartermaine

Postby toorobbin » Tue Oct 03, 2006 10:49 am

Spoiler, see below:

I read that Dillion is going to be the Q's spokesperson when Maxi sues them for faulty condom's

Maxi will end up pregnant.

I can just see Georgie now.


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