REGARDING - Elizabth Webber Lansing Spencer

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REGARDING - Elizabth Webber Lansing Spencer

Postby Guest » Mon Oct 02, 2006 11:59 pm

Although it might appear that I don't like the character mentioned above, that is NOT true.

I have enjoyed Becky Herbst performance on the wonderful show the many years she has been on it!
I loved her for the first - as perfect Sarah Webber's "bad" little sister! It was so great to she her acting out for attention.
I felt her pain during the rape s/l.
Fell in love right along with L&L2 following the aftermath of the rape. (and might I add that JJ did a WONDERFUL job with his portrayal of young Lucky).
I cried with Liz as her heart broke when she learned of Lucky's death!
I was frustrated right along with her when he finally returned a completely changed person.
I fell for Jason right along with her!
I could see why she eventually fell for RIC, though I could never understand why she stayed to blind to his action while he held Carly prisoner in her home.
I cheered her when she finally left Ric to have her baby on her own!
I rejoiced when she and Lucky found their way back to each other.
I suffered right along with them (L&L2) through all their troubles.
But I can't cheer her while she gets in the way of JaSam.
Because along with watching her through the years I've seen Jason go from one relationship to another never finding anyone who understood him and acepted him just as he is (including Liz) until he meet Sam. Sam is the only ONE who has never tried to change him or left him because of what he does or chooses to do. For that reason (and many more) it is obvious to me that Jason and Sam belong together - soulmates if you will. Eventhough they are having trouble right now I believe that both JaSam and L&L2 belong together and will eventually get back together.
Like I said I do like LIZ (very much actually) it's just that at this time she is coming between two people who should be together (whether intentionally or accidently) and I can't not believe that as much she considers Jason a friend that she stand between him and his true love!
Sorry this is sooo long! But I wanted to express my feeling on this!

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