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RE: Sam's

Postby Guest » Sun Oct 01, 2006 6:25 pm

on top of EVRYTHING else that has happened to you in the last 2 years -

your B*TCH of a mother treated you like trash; expected you to drop everything to take care of the children she DOES love; slammed you down for taking a few minutes off bedside watch; never thanked you for said "bedside vigil" and your slime of a stepfather is hanging around acting as if he has some rights over your life

but most especially if

you looked at Jason and knew you couldn't have him because of a promise made to someone who hates you!

I KNOW I'D BE CRYING!!! (especially for the last reason) %(

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Re: RE: Sam's

Postby BabyBlueEyes » Sun Oct 01, 2006 9:15 pm

oh i know i'd be crying. i sometimes ask myself why sam is sad that alexis is dying. i know that sounds really mean, but think of all the things that alexis has done to sam (and i know sam slept with ric), but alexis has done more than just that. think about it, if alexis hadn't told sam to stay away from jason, she never would've slept with ric! that sounds really wrong, i know, but it's true. sam could've been with jason that night instead of ric. ;)


Re: RE: Sam's

Postby Guest » Sun Oct 01, 2006 9:39 pm

I think Sam is sad that Alexis is dying because of the changes it will mean for her.
If Alexis dies then Sam has already agreed to help raise the girls -without Jason in her life. Nik feels the same way (Because that is what Alexis wants) and although Sonny would have no objections to JaSam raising his daughter you can bet that Ric will object to Jason being a part of Molly's life.
However Alexis living will also continue to make Sam miserable because of the fact that Alexis objects to JaSam's relationship.
So basically Sam is between a rock and a hard place.
But her best chance is for Alexis to live. IF Alexis is alive and well then she can take care of her daughters and Sam will be freed up to return to her own life - with Jason!


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Re: RE: Sam's

Postby toorobbin » Sun Oct 01, 2006 10:52 pm

I love JASAM. :-)

I hope when Laura comes back, she'll have a few things to say to Alexis.

I loved that line when Alexis said to Ric. "Why didn't you stop me." ?)

You could have said thank you, Sam.

Can somebody please put Alexis back in her coma permantely please. >(

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Re: RE: Sam's

Postby fcgirl » Mon Oct 02, 2006 11:25 am

I still don't think Sam has the right to be whining as much as she has been. First of all--the person that said that it was Alexis that pushed Jason from Sam--that's not entirely true. Sam begged Jason to reconsider letting her be in his life, and he pushed and pushed, until SHE caved and slept with Ric. I don't like Ric at all--but come on! Sam admits he didn't drug her, or rape her--she had sex with him of her own volition, and had sex with someone she knew Jason would not be able to get over easily, if at all. She has a constant need for approval from all of the people in her life. She never had a family growing up, aside from her brother, so why trash your life for the approval of a mother you never knew and lived your whole life without? She lets Alexis control her. She could easily tell Alexis that she is going to be with Jason, and will watch over the girls, but if she doesn't want Jason to be a part of their lives, then she better make sure she beats the cancer, and no better way than to go through the chemo. Alexis was a working mom and wasn't with her kids 24/7, not to mention her desertion of why Sam gives Alexis the power to make her feel guilty about the girls is beyond me. I think Sam was stronger when she first came on the show. Now she's incredibly helpless which is just tiring. It's time for her to take control of her own life. And she needs to stop worrying about Jason and Alexis. Sonny won't let Ric raise Christina anyway, and Ric won't let Sonny raise Molly, so no matter what, even if Sam and Ric stay in that house, the girls are going to be separated--which is nothing to be that stressed over. Christina has her brothers at Sonny's, and Molly is too young to care or notice. So why Sam feels like she's put between a rock and a hard place doesn't make a lot of sense. The best thing for her to do for her mother is come clean about Ric, explain the situation, apologize but admit to making the mistake, and move on. They know Alexis is a fighter and hates losing--so why they all think she can't handle the truth is ridiculous. If anything, it would give her ammunition to want to stay alive and keep them apart, or get them back. But Alexis is annoying me too--just tell them that you know the truth, and get on with your life already, and concentrate on getting healthy!

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