Bye for now GH lovers, I'll be back on 10/13!

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Bye for now GH lovers, I'll be back on 10/13!

Postby jcrobinson » Sun Oct 01, 2006 8:34 am

As much as I hate to pry my fingers off of my beloved keyboard, I"m taking a much-needed vacation. I'm going to Italy (for the first time)!

Keep the board as exciting as ever, we have a very good sub burning up the keyboard while I'm away.

I'll miss all of you. By the time I get back, we might know who the father of Liz's baby is, Laura will be almost ready to make her appearance, Patrick and Robin should be really heating things up, Jax and Carly should finally be lovers again, let's see, too many juicy stories, too little time!


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