Liz baby

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Liz baby

Postby anlynn » Sat Sep 30, 2006 1:13 am

I want liz's baby with Lucky. I would like to see Jason with Sam. I am also tired of Alexis and her controlling bedside matter. Keep her asleep!! She suddenly is trying to tell Sam how to run her life after all these years? All i hear her talk about is Kristina and Molly. She forgets that she has 3 kids. %( Also would like to see Ric gone. I would also see Jax with Carly. Sonny is great, but he has not been the greatest husband for Carly. Bring back Brenda for Sonny. I have had it with Maxie. Stupid trash. I love to see Robin and Patrick get married. Max is soo cool too. He needs a love. Colleen...get rid of her! Let Nickolas be with Emily.

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