Don't be GLAD, BE MAD!

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Don't be GLAD, BE MAD!

Postby ReignOfTerror » Sat Mar 17, 2007 4:16 pm

I like lulu, but I despise that kind of hypocrisy. "How could you sleep with a married woman?", or whatever it was she told Jason. Uh, hello? You slept with a married man and got pregnant and aborted the baby. No room to talk. I think she has every right to be angry. They are messing with her brothers life, and Lulu has the right to speak up about it, but throwing in her accusations, I really hate when someone does that when their own morals weren't up to par either.

Liz is just making ME SICK SICK SICK!
It's almost like she is forcing her love and devotion to a man she no longer wants to really be with but is doing so, out of an obligation, a sense of security and to hold on to a reputation she doesn't want to lose.
I can't wait until the truth comes out. I'm sick of her "Oh no" look on her face. I would love to see it smacked off completely.

Sam, HELLO? If your past is that messed up, why not stop TALKING TO THIS STRANGER ABOUT IT? OMG, no one is this stupid to think that all the background checking Amelia is doing is to insure she is "ok" to interview. If the writers make Sam any dumber, I'll VOMIT!


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