Blame Game

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Blame Game

Postby Charmedx4 » Sat Mar 17, 2007 12:59 pm

On this pointing fingers talk. I feel that Liz and Jason are not pointing fingers just explaining what lead up to the ONS. Lets not pretend that it was just a Ons either we all know it was more than that they feel deeply for each other and we can see that its turning into more. They aren't ever going to apolize for this ONS because the ARE NOT SORRY!!!!! Do they feel bad that they hurt people? Yes!! I have Never heard either one say they regret it and really don't expect too. So please no more blame or nasty name calling everyone had a part in this.

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Re: Blame Game

Postby madhearts4liason » Sat Mar 17, 2007 7:10 pm

I totally agree..everyone played their own part in it..and it makes me mad that characters who have done the same thing..or worse..are going to be judging them..I'm glad that when Lulu asked if it was just one night..Jason didnt answer..and I'm glad he set her straight about it not being wasnt about revenge..and ppl keep saying it was because they were drunk..LOL..Jason has said many times..he wasnt was a choice..they both chose to be together..and dont regret it..and never will..That is why so many ppl are so angry..while the other characters were doing things to get even and hurt others..Jason and Liz were comforting each other..and thinking about their history..ppl cant deal with the truth..They dont feel guilty..all the others feel guilty because their actions were done for the wrong reasons..Jason and Liz chose to be together..for all the right reasons..IMO..

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