Games and How to Play Them!

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Games and How to Play Them!

Postby jcrobinson » Sat Mar 17, 2007 12:33 pm

Yes, we cleaned up the boards a little. In the interest of providing a better balance between games and conversation -that's all. Here's how you can play from now on.

There can be only TWO "Edition" games up on the board at a time. When one game is over (a character has reached 1000 points), go ahead and "Report Bad Post" so that the moderators can close that thread. Then you'll have a chance to start another one.

Also, please refrain from starting a bunch of other threads with point systems, it's annoying to open a thread thinking it's an intersting topic to comment on and then realize that it's a game. Some people really don't want to play games, just converse. The Point system games need to stay in the two "Edition" threads, k? If anyone wants to create a fun new kind of game, sure go for it. Just be sure to label that it's a game in your title. And don't let them take over the board.

Sound good? Thanks for understanding. Have fun.

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